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September 4th, 2005

10:35 pm: Ladybugs, Butterflies, & More
Possible set?

Cloisonné ladybug beads, 6mm hematite czech glass oval, 4mm red glass rounds, silver-plated eye pins, silver-plated toggle clasp

4mm red glass rounds, silver balls, 6mm hematite czech glass oval, silver-plated toggle clasp

Same as above, non-allergenic ear wires


Cloisonné butterfly beads, 6mm crystal AB czech glass oval, 4mm crystal czech glass oval, silver-plated eye pins, silver-plated toggle clasp

Black & Shiny

Snowflake obsidian chips, hematite chips, silver-plated toggle clasp

04:55 pm: Flip Flop Charm earrings

Glass beads, silver beads, silver-plated headpins, non-allergenic ear wires, and epoxy/silver charms

Heart bracelet - SOLD

Foil heart beads, 4mm ovals, 6mm ovals, silver-plated eye pins, and a silver-plated toggle clasp

Ball drop earrings

10mm sterling silver round balls, 8mm emerald faceted Swarovski rounds, green rondelles, silver-plated head pins, and non-allergenic earwires

September 3rd, 2005

11:45 pm: Poke Me With a Fork, I'm Done
For the night anyway.

This first one is sold. Mom bought it almost before it was done.

It's picture jasper and silver. Remember the wire cuff bracelet I made a while back that broke? I decided not to redo it and used the stones for this necklace instead.

Black 8mm glass pears and white 4mm glass pearls.

06:01 pm: Stuff x 6
Since there's so many different things here, I decided to lj-cut this entry.

BraceletsCollapse )

Prayer BoxesCollapse )

NecklacesCollapse )

I was in the middle of this when I found out we were going to leave in a few minutes to go eat, so if you want to know what something's made of, feel free to ask.

August 31st, 2005

09:04 am: I haven't posted the new ones for a couple days.

August 29th, 2005

08:55 pm: Shades of Green

August 28th, 2005

08:26 pm: Yes, There's More
I'll slow down some after the fair. Maybe.

Hematite rounds, silver balls, hematite chips, silver-plated toggle clasp.

Another bookmark like the one I did the other day using black twisted bugles.

Silver-plated hair comb, freshwater pearls.


Citrine chips, amethyst colored 4mm czech glass beads, silver-plated prayer box, and an s-clasp.

03:29 pm: Greenweaves - SOLD

Rough emeralds, silver balls, and a silver-plated toggle clasp.

August 27th, 2005

11:13 pm: Dos Mas
This is it for today.


Rough emerald, silver-plated leaves, and a silver-plated toggle clasp.

Pretty Bubbles

Aqua/purple glass beads with a silver-plated toggle clasp.

05:32 pm: Custom piece #2 - SOLD (delivered)
Purple Prayers

Silver-plated eye pins, silver balls, purple glass pearls, and a silver-plated square clasp. I thought I'd echo the shape of the box with the clasp.

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